How is this Multiple Employer Plan different from other plans in the marketplace?

  • One of the key differences is our fee structure. The plan advisory fees charged to each plan decrease as the total assets of the MEP increase. Each employers fee is based on the aggregate plan assets not on their individual company plan assets. This allows us to lower fees for every plan as more members join or assets increase due to market growth and additional contributions.

Who are the professionals that comprise the Connecticut Chamber’s Multiple Employer Plan?

There are multiple partners involved in managing this MEP. Belpointe acts as the 3(38) investment manager and plan advisor. We use an independent record keeper and custodian, an independent TPA/3(16) service provider, as well as a participant adviser who can differ from employer to employer.

Why should you consider utilizing a MEP if your business already has a 401k Plan?

The MEP reduces fiduciary liability for the individual company plan sponsor by outsourcing administrative responsibilities, employee eligibility tracking, distribution processing, plan compliance, nondiscrimination testing, annual reporting and participant enrollment to a TPA (third party administrator) who specializes in these tasks. The TPA also prepares and signs the form 5500 as the plan sponsor. Along with reducing risk, this reduces the workload for a company’s HR professional saving them time to focus on other priorities.

As an employer, what are my fiduciary responsibilities when joining the MEP versus my responsibilities on my current 401k plan?

There are only 3 fiduciary responsibilities for the individual business owners who join the Chamber MEP

  • monitor service providers
  • submit payroll in a timely fashion
  • provide updated census data to the record keeper

Are there different levels of service that 3(16) Third Party Administrators provide?

Yes, There are three levels of 3(16) administrative services available:

  • Supplemental, non-fiduciary (“ministerial”) support services such as document mailing and “hands free” processing of loans and distributions.
  • Limited scope acceptance of some of the functions of the plan administrator but not all.
  • Broad scope acceptance of the administrator role, to include being named as the plan administrator in the plan document and other governing documents and contracts.


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William Anderson


Senior Wealth Advisor

William Anderson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and Retirement Plan Specialist. For over 12 years, he has provided simpler, safer, and more cost-effective retirement plan solutions for clients. His services include implementing sound strategies that mitigate the, sometimes unknown, financial risk to your 401(k) plan and ultimately your and your employees’ nest egg.  

As an independent Investment Advisor Representative (IAR), I look to advise my clients on their existing retirement plan vs. pitching a plan or product. This is an important distinction because it means my recommendations to a retirement portfolio are independent of any one financial product or provider.
The majority of the time I spend with clients is focused on understanding a client’s financial needs and providing an education on the myriad of financial products available. This will help to decipher all of the critical information necessary to make the best financial decisions for you, your family, your business and your employees.
With an efficient and effective retirement plan for your business, this will aid in not only attracting quality talent to your business but retain the employees who you value.
I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics from Norwich University Military College of Vermont. This has been a key contributing factor to my ability to analyze data projections of retirement plans and distill the data to determine how this applies to you, your plan, your goals and your future.
When I’m not working, I love golf, snowboarding and spending time with my family most of all.

Nick Greenhouse


Financial Advisor

Nick Greenhouse is a Registered Investment Advisor for Belpointe Wealth Management residing in Connecticut. He specializes in individual wealth management and retirement planning. Nick knows that there is no “one size fits all” solution to wealth management or retirement planning and is passionate about educating clients with unique solutions to meet each of his client's needs and goals.
Nick has passed his Series 65 securities examination and is a licensed CT , life, and health insurance producer. In his spare time, Nick enjoys hanging out with his family, golfing or skiing with friends, and cooking delicious things. Nick aspires to educate his local community and clients on financial wellness.
Paul Salomon



Paul has been in financial services for 27 years with offices located in Cheshire & Greenwich CT, supporting Belpointe team member Advisors throughout the country.

As a Fiduciary plan consultant Paul provides independent, fee-based services that put clients’ interests above all else, always supporting ERISA plan sponsor Fiduciaries to act in the best interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries.

Paul focuses on the unique needs of each corporate client, meeting them wherever they are in terms of their knowledge and experience of ERISA, driven by keeping the clients on a “Fiduciary Continuum” of growth

Areas of Concentration:
1) Investment fiduciary best practices
2) Dynamic plan benchmarking: fee and service analysis
3) Plan design assistance
4) Integrated team model for participant education
5) Focused on Fiduciary Outsourcing
6) Pooled Retirement Plan Options

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