Mid Sized Business Aggregation 401K

Why utilize the Aggregation 401K solution?

We designed the aggregation plan to take advantage of economies of scale, without incurring unnecessary audit expenses.
When the total number of eligible participants in a 401K plan exceeds 120 participants, a plan audit is required. The typical costs of an audit range from 8 to 12 thousand dollars per year. In an MEP, an audit could be required once the entire MEP participant count exceeds 120 participants (even when individually, none of the participating employers exceed 120 employees on their own). An employer with less than 120 participants will participate in the audit fee, even when no audit would be necessary as a standalone plan.
The aggregation plan is treated as a single plan from the employers perspective with an individual form 5500

  • Plan Sponsor is the Named Fiduciary
  • TPA 3(16) is named as Plan Administrator
  • Belpointe is named as trustee of investments
  • TPA 3(16) is signator of form 5500

What are the responsibilities of the Employer in the Chamber Retirement Aggregation plan?

  • Appointing and monitoring service providers
  • Collect and remit contributions
  • Provide timely and accurate census information



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