Our goal is to have your administrative staff spend less time managing a 401k plan and more time focusing on your core business activities.  

Plan Advisor

Responsibilities include:
• Ongoing investment selection
• Ongoing investment monitoring
• Ongoing Qualified Default Investment Alternative evaluation
• Ongoing service provider evaluation


TPA 3(16)

Responsibilities include:
• Overall operational plan compliance
• Preparing and signing the Form 5500
• Plan design consulting


Participant Advisor

Responsibilities include:
• Educating and supporting 401k plan participants
• Traditional pre-tax versus ROTH 401k evaluation
• Individual Asset Allocation
• Financial services support

3(38) Fiduciary

Responsibilities include:
• Act in the best interests of the plan participants.
• Research and conduct analysis to determine the best recommended plan lineup.
• Monitor ongoing plan performance and fees and make changes as needed.
• Meet with the company fiduciary (employee, owner, board, or committee) to discuss rationale, actions, and performance.
• Provide additional and optional support services for participants (i.e financial wellness education).


Record Keeper

Responsibilities include:
• Generating account statements
• Fund transfers
• Aggregate reporting
• Audit support data
• Live call center

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